The Fabletics Expansion that Kate Hudson is Elated About

Kate Hudson is looking at what the competition is doing when it comes to retail clothing for women that look for athletic gear. She is specifically looking at what large companies like Amazon are doing to lure consumers. Hudson realizes that the e-commerce storefront is a great way to start, but she plans to take Fabletics to a mainstream crowd by opening more brick-and-mortar stores.


There is easily a great debate about just how well Fabletics can do as a bigger company that has more physical stores. The obvious downside to physical stores is that there are going to be greater operation costs for simply running stores. Kate Hudson, however, believes that the payoff where she gets a chance to actually put people in place where they can try on garments is going to be much better. She believes that the payoff will justify the increase in Fabletics stores throughout the United States.


Hudson has been running Fabletics for over a decade now, and she obviously knows what she is speaking on. She is able to make this type of assessment because she is grinding hard to compete with the bigger companies like Amazon. She knows that Amazon has been a multi-billion-dollar company for years, but even the founder and CEO Amazon felt the need to bring more storefront and warehouses in place where people could get Amazon merchandise sooner.


This is one of the main reasons that so many people have decided to embrace what is happening with Fabletics. They want the chance to get connected with a company that is going to make it easier to find clothes that are affordable. There is a need for a greater amount of variety, and Kate Hudson has her mind on making clothes that are stylish, but she also wants to keep the affordability factor in place. This is something that separates Fabletics from tons of other brands that are out there. People are noticing that the company is selling clothes that are still reasonably priced, and that really makes all the difference in the world when it comes to competing with Amazon.


Kate wants to make sure that she keeps that competitive edge that allows her to retain a consumer base that is loyal. People are quick to switch sides if they lose out on affordability. Kate wants this to be something that is a constant with the Fabletics brand.

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