The Cost of Social Justice-Efforts that George Soros Has Been Making

When George Soros was a teenager growing up in Hungary, the Holocaust started. Since he was of Jewish descent, he had to run away. He was lucky enough to get asylum in the UK. He finished his high school there and joined the London School of Economics. After getting his Ph.D., he worked for a few financial firms before starting his company. It was not until 1992, when he made shirt sake of a billion pounds, making a profit of a million dollars. He then moved to the US and expanded his businesses. Today, Soros is one of the richest men on the globe and more information click here.

They always say people put their money where their ideas are. Well, George Soros is one man who believes in social justice. He has been supporting some organizations over the years. He created a charitable foundation known as the Soros Foundation, which handles most of the charities and activist social causes. For the time that the organization has been operational, they have given over $6billion to different causes. The one thing that Soros believes in is that all humans should be treated with equality and decency, regardless of their color, background or any other factor and George’s lacr0sse camp.

In 2014, Soros found himself in the midst of controversy. A teenager was shot and killed by a trigger-happy white cop, who claimed that he had felt threatened by the kid. There was a lot of outrage all over the social media, and the Hashtag turned into a movement which led to several weeks of protests in Ferguson, Missouri. The protests turned violent at times, but the people sent their message, that Black Lives Matter, loud and clear. It is said that the Soros foundation funded the transportation of the busloads of protesters who took part in the protests and what George knows.

Another instance where Soros made his stand clear and invested his money in it, was the just concluded elections. Soros was not comfortable with a Trump win. He felt that the types of beliefs Trump have did not allow him to be the leader of the free world. He marshaled his foundation to support different candidates of the Democratic Party. However, the most significant assistance that he gave was the $25 million that he contributed to Clinton’s campaign. He missed the Democratic convention because he had just gone back into trading and was watching the European stock markets closely. He has always been an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party and what it believes in. He supported John Kerry to run against Bush in 2004. He also funded different organizations to do checks and balances on the Bush administration. Soros is an inspirational leader and an advocate of change, and an inspiration to many and

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