Sahm Adrangi adopts different leadership tactics

From time to time, Sahm Adrangi has studied the fundamental investment skills from his days while at the Yale University where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. The exposure to the financial sector while on the campus was a blueprint of a career that Sahm Adrangi was set to pursue for the rest of his life. Things sometimes never went as he expected but he kept himself focused on the goal and did not let distractions and discouragements stop him. For example in 2009 when he decided to start the Kerrisdale Capital Management, he would work extra hard to acquire the necessary capital from friends, family as well as financial institutions up to 1 million dollars, and Sahm’s lacrosse camp.

After an about eight years down the line, the company that Sahm Adrangi launched with a skeleton team of employees had advanced to be a leading financial powerhouse in the region with over $150 million value of assets. It was such a tremendous growth given the economic crisis that had hit the country during the 2007- 2009 financial crisis. Some factors that contributed to the exciting developments including Sahm Adragi’s modus operandi that entailed taking part of various aspects of the growth of the company. In fact, the hard work and diligence in addition to the sacrifice that Sahm Adrangi had decided to make were now bearing fruits, and his Linkedin.

The unique leadership style adopted by Adrangi which made it possible for Kerrisdale Capital Management to shift its attention from the usual routine. For long, it was known that the company in which Sahm Adrangi works as the Chief Investment Officer was used to conducting research programs whose findings the company shares with other renowned corporations as well as interested individuals. The new regulations brought about by Sahm Adrangi was meant to see to it that it was not going to be business as usual in Kerrisdale Capital Management since Sahm directed that the company had to channel more energy on the realization of results in areas of specialty. Consequently, they identified some specific segments such as the mining sector in addition to the biotechnology sector where they had begun working on various research activities over the same, and