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Psi Pay Puts a Ring on Alternative Payments

While the many alternative payment methods are changing how the world sees monetary transactions, Psi Pay is changing alternative payment methods. These days, alternative payment methods come in a variety of different forms. Everything from keychains to bracelets seems to be becoming a form of payment. Some of the problems with these methods and devices are that they aren’t that secure compared to other methods and quite frankly aren’t very stylish. Some even go as far as being rather gaudy to catch the eye of potential customers. With Psi Pay’s new Kerv payment ring, these problems are solved.


Not only are the Psi Pay Kerv rings secure with many different security features that can be used without a PIN number, they are sleek and stylish. The Kerv ring comes in black or white on the exterior and a variety of colors for the interior. A lot of people would assume that the ring would be bulky and uncomfortable, but a further look shows that it not only has a low profile but also is quite comfortable on the finger.


With the use of alternative payment methods such as the Psi Pay Kerv, it is only a matter of time before consumers decide that wallets are essentially obsolete. People are carrying less and less money, especially in Britain where it was shown that the average is only a few dollars. In a recent survey of Britons, it was shown that the average person only carries around £5 in cash. 43% of the people surveyed said that they have decreased how much cash they carry in their wallets in just the last 2 years. These numbers are quite remarkable and show an interesting path that the world might be taking when it comes to the exchange of money.


While many may think that the security for these alternative payment options can’t be that great due to their simple nature, it was found that payment methods such as Psi Pay’s Kerv are actually less susceptible to skimmers. Another important security factor is that retailers will never know your banking account information with Kerv.