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NEUROCORE: Exercising for Supreme Brain Performance

The article titled, Neurocore Innovative Training introduces a method of recharging and refocusing the entire body through the brain. It is making an impact in Sports Medicine and Mental Health. Training the brain has shown to treat depression, PTSD, stress, and ADHD in children and adults. Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins and the Portland Trailblazers basketball team consulted with the works at Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. The founder of the facilities is Dr. Tim Royer, a neuropsychologist. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The brain needs to be conditioned, active and exercised. It also needs relaxation and cool down periods. The article describes a 30-minute exercise Neurocore performs where the person sits in a comfortable chair and watches a favorites movie of theirs with electrodes attached to the head to monitor brain waves. The person must pay attention to the movie. When the mind takes its attention off the movie and starts thinking about something else, the movie will pause. When the brain refocuses back onto the movie, the movie will play again. Because the brain is focusing solely on a movie it is enjoying and is sitting in the comfortable chair, the brain is free from thinking about anything else, so it relaxes. If the brain relaxes, the muscles relax, and the rest of the body follows suit. The article explains the exercise as rewarding the brain by letting it indulge in an enjoyable movie. However, the reward is taken away when the brain’s attention leaves the movie. The article makes the point of showing how the relationship between brain and muscle conditioning, pointing out that the muscles can be conditioned to improve performance, like the brain. These are exercises. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The article makes excellent points about the physical detriments that come with overstimulation of the brain. When the brain is overstimulated, so is everything else. Adrenaline is produced, hormones race through the body, which is unhealthy because the body is constantly going with no rest, resulting in no opportunity to recharge and focus.

The article is very informative when speaking of brain performance, a drug-free method to condition both the mind and body.