Meet Renaissance Man Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a Renaissance man with many different talents. He has been a mentor to many new business people, an advocate for school children in Michigan and a champion friend to many organizations. He is also a leader in getting people to work together. With so many different duties to fulfill, it is hard to keep up with him.


Business Leader


Dick DeVos is the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos, but his father made him start at the bottom of the company and climb his way to the top. Along the way, Dick learned many business skills that entrepreneurs need to succeed in business. Dick has also transferred many of those skills to his partial ownership of the Orlando Magic National Basketball Association and the Chicago Cubs. He is instrumental with the diverse businesses within the Windquest Group that he and his wife founded.



Children’s Advocate


When his children were young, Dick realized that many children were not as fortunate as his own. Betsy and he visited several charter schools, and he realized that children attending these schools usually received a better education. Therefore, he has been instrumental in helping spread the school choice movement across the United States.




The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gives away thousands of dollars annually. Dick’s father taught him from an early age that when one was blessed with money, the person needed to use it to bless others. Dick founded an aviation school in Grand Rapids and has purchased an airplane for that school.




Several years ago, when Grand Rapids was slowly sinking into an economic depression, Dick organized over 50 community leaders to discuss their ideas of what would help the community thrive. Since that time, Grand Rapids has once again become a thriving community. Visitors often come to town to attend meetings at the convention center or watch an ice hockey game at the new arena. A thriving downtown market gives startups a great place to test their ideas. Dick, however, is most proud of the children’s hospital and accompanying medical school that now are located in Grand Rapids because families do not have to leave town to receive great care.


Dick DeVos is never content to rest on his present accomplishments. He is always looking forward to the next great idea. Grand Rapids is very blessed to have a Renaissance man like him leading the way to the future.


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