How To Become The Next Sawyer Howitt In The Racquet Field

Every Racquet ball players dream is to become a professional gamer, who every advertisement agency wants to employ, and every show in television want to interview. Many racquet players only get to live this kind of life in their dreams. However, some players like Sawyer Howitt have been able to achieve this life in reality.

Sawyer Howitt is an all rounded individual as he is in his second semester senior and has put effort into projects that can better the economy. It is his great efforts that led him to be the project manager at Meriwether group.

It is also interesting to know that Howitt is a philanthropist. He has led in youth mentoring groups and has actively participated in fighting for women rights. Howitt is also a leader of a global youth study organization.

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Sawyer Howitt is famous as a result of his success in racquet ball. At his tender age, many players have not been able to reach his level. Here are some tips that can make every racquet player, the “Sawyer Howitt of tomorrow’’.

Understand your reason for playing racquet
It is vital that every player know why they are playing racquet. The path is what defines all the other steps that follow. Some people pursue racquet as a hobby while others play racquet as a means of income. Research and know the path fit you best.

Make a plan
As the saying goes “failures don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan’’. After identifying the best path for you, make a plan on how to make it work. Involve a professional in your plan to ensure it is workable.

Be committed to your practice
After deciding what the best path is for you and you have a viable plan, stay focused and practice regularly. It is the extra effort that you put in your practice that makes you outstanding in the field. Consider practicing with other professional racquet players.

Engage is the right exercises
Hard work can beat talent. Some racquet players direct efforts in other activities and forget the need to be physically fit in the field. Even the most talented players are bound to fail as a result of not working out. It is, therefore, crucial for every racquet player to consult with their coach and ensure they work out thoroughly.