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Guilherme Paulus Details His Entrepreneurial Career During The Top Seller Event

The Top Seller Event of 2017 held at Mabu Grand Thermas Resort incorporated entrepreneurship as its opening theme. An event that is graced by successful and experienced entrepreneurs, no one could do it better than Guilherme Paulus. Paulus chairs the CVC board, a leading travel agency company in the Latin America region.

The 5th Top Seller Edition opening lecture by Paulus saw the successful executive share his career history and the driving force behind entrepreneurial success. In what seemed to be a motivational lecture, Paulus opened by a remarkable phrase, stressing that one can accomplish what they idealize.

An Intern at IBM
Even though Guilherme Paulus had the passion for being a doctor, his parents couldn’t afford the expenses of training a doctor. Thus, his remaining option was to work at IBM as an intern. He worked in different departments of the company, and eventually lost interest in the same working techniques at the firm.


Airfare Salesman at Casa Faro
While still at IBM, Paulus saw a newspaper advertisement by Casa Faro for the Airfare Salesman position. He immediately took the challenge, working for over two years at Casa Faro.

A Partnership Deal – CVC
At Casa Faro, Paulus was fond of mobile games like bingo and taking quality photos during his trips in the ships. These games and pictures amazed a federal deputy, who wanted to open a tourism office, during their joint travel in a ship. The deputy convinced Guilherme Paulus for a partnership position in the new company with a 33% ownership for Paulus. The partnership set ground for the opening of CVC in 1972, a company is driven by a basic mantra “Continue traveling with us.”

Handling Challenges
Even though CVC is currently a big company, it had to go through challenges like any other business. At one point, he thought of giving up and closing the company altogether but always quashed the idea. With the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has grown into a prominent ship owner globally. At CVC, innovation and determination are the vital forces behind the company’s success. And he shares useful tips when businesses are faced with tough crises – take the risk, love your work, remain optimistic, and keep your determination.

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