Gregory Aziz’s Successful Lifetime With National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He is a local of London, Ontario. After completing his Economics Degree from Ontario’s Western University, he served with his family’s food business, the Affiliated Foods. The company is an international importer of wholesale fresh food produce from Europe, Central America, and South America. And having expanded for 16 years, it distributes the imported goods to major whole sale food retailers all over Eastern Canada and in the United States.


In the late part of the 1980s, Greg James Aziz pursued a career in banking where he served with several investment banks in New York City until the early years of the 90s. In 1994, he was able to coordinate and arrange the means to procure National Steel Car from Dofasco, a steel mining company from Ontario who also procured the said company in 1960.

National Steel Car has once been a flourishing car manufacturing company since its inception in 1912 until the 1930s depression. During the 1930s, National Steel Car was unable to keep up with the changing demands of the customers and soon orders got scarce leaving the company in a financial decline.

When James Aziz got hold of National Steel Car, the company still retained its engineering capabilities although it only has the ability to produce a maximum of 3,500 cars on a yearly basis. To change that, Greg Aziz decided to add more monetary capital to keep up with the overhead expenses, and to hire more employees to be able to handle the increase in orders.


By 1999, National Steel Car already has the capability to produce 12,000 cars yearly, and the number of workers likewise grew from 600 to around 3,000 at the end of the cited year.



Greg Aziz acknowledges the hard work and ingenuity of the employees of National Steel Car, regarding them as the corner stone of his company’s success. To thank the communities who have supported the company, National Steel Car is actively involved in sponsoring charitable activities in the Hamilton neighborhood as well as all over the Province of Ontario.


And as a tribute to the past and present employees of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz and his family have never failed to hold the Annual National Steel Car Christmas Party for those who have been and are still serving with the company including their families. See This Page for additional information.