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Gino Pozzo: Leading his Football Clubs towards Success

Gino Pozzo is the owner of Watford football club in England. He is one of the people who is most talked about in European sports. He has been a football enthusiast since he was a young boy. His family has been loyal to the Udinese club all their lives. It was in 2013 that he became actively involved in his football club. The Pozzo family is popularly known for their passion for football. The Pozzo family has been involved in many things apart from sports club ownership. The Pozzos are in the woodworking industry, property and finance, and an electrical appliances business.

The family has been committed to the Udinese football club for a long time. They bought the club because they wanted to help the club through the tough financial period the club was going through. The family has learned a lot from the Udinese football club, and it is that knowledge that they are using at Watford club. Gino has played an enormous role in the success and growth of the Udinese club. Gino was involved directly into the operations of the club. The Pozzos bought the Watford club in 2012; at the time the club was struggling to get out of the fourth division.

Gino took control of all the operations of the club and even moved his family to London to have time for the cub. The acquisition of the Watford club made the Pozzos the only family to own three football clubs in England, Italy, and Spain. Gino has been successful in managing the football clubs because of his scout driven approach. The players are traded between the family’s clubs. Gino Pozzo invested in hornets off and on the pitch. He has been making improvements to the training ground and improves the stadium for the sake of the Watford’s loyal fan base.