Equities First Providing Long-term Solution by Offering Stock-based Loans

Currently, qualifying for a loan has become difficult since many lending institutions have tightened the criteria of acquiring a loan. This has made conventional loans unavailable to many interested entrepreneurs and businesspersons. For one to get a conventional credit-based loan, one has to provide a collateral of equal value. This has been hard to entrepreneurs trying to venture into the new businesses. The conventional loan is currently available to investors with a past financial history who have solid investments, which they can provide as collateral.

Equities First Holding LLC. has come at the most effective period to offer alternative lending solutions enabling individuals to secure loans with stocks as collateral. Since its inception, many customers have moved to Equities First where they get a stock-based loan with low interest rates. Equities First Holdings has been the ultimate solution to the individuals with no past investments but needed some cash to venture into new projects and learn more about Equities First.

The stock-based loan and the conventional credit-based loans may seem to be similar in that they both require collateral. However, the loans are of two different natures. The stock- based loan given by Equities First is not tied to restrictions, and one can invest in any project. To get the credit-based loan, one should have a purpose to show before qualifying for the loan and more information click here.

The three-year credit loan offered by banks has varying interest before the loan matures. The rates fluctuate as the market conditions change. However, this is not the case with the stock-based loan. The loan has a fixed interest rate of three percent throughout the period. The financial institutions may limit the loanable amount to the amount they think one deserves, but with the stock-based loan, one can apply for any amount provided he will give enough stock as collateral and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Equities First Holdings is a lending firm offering stock-based loans to businesses and high worth individuals in need of non-purpose loans. It has extended its operational base to serve the global platform with long-term lending solutions. Being Equities First Holdings employee, one enjoys peaceful working conditions and good remuneration and its Website.

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