Technology Professional

Drew Madden says fortunes can be saved through a few basic solutions in healthcare

Drew Madden is a lifelong healthcare IT professional and one of the cofounders of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a major healthcare IT consulting firm that seeks to tackle some of the most pressing issues within the world of healthcare.

Madden cofounded Evergreen in 2017 with a few other like-minded consultants in the space. He says that he and his partners got together, rented a boardroom and proceeded to pretend that they had a company until, finally, they really did.

Now, less than two years later, Evergreen is far from an imaginary business. It has 26 full-time consultants and many more support personnel who serve over a dozen of the largest healthcare networks in the United States. What has made Evergreen different from other healthcare IT firms, defining it in the process, is Madden’s staunch insistence on putting people first. Unlike other healthcare tech firms, Evergreen focuses first on the human elements within the healthcare system, always keeping in mind that even the most sophisticated technology is useless if those for whom it was designed aren’t able to use it to the fullest extent.

Empowering people

Madden’s people-first philosophy doesn’t stop at the receptionist’s desk. It extends right into the waiting room and the lives and homes of the real-life patients who, as Madden points out at every opportunity, should be the singular focus of every healthcare professional. Madden says that the healthcare industry has lost sight of its true role: delivering the best possible outcomes and patient experiences to the healthcare consumer. In this way, argues Madden, the healthcare business is no different from a gas station or a grocery store. It is the customer alone around whom the entire enterprise is built.

But for a variety of reasons, healthcare professionals often lose sight of this simple fact. Madden says that high-level medical professionals, like doctors, surgeons and oncologists, are rightly held in high esteem and even revered. But Madden warns against these professionals letting that exalted status go to their heads, clouding their vision of the fundamental goal of their business. Madden says that losing sight of providing the best possible care and patient experience is one of the most serious but also the most easily corrected problems in healthcare today.