Dr. David Samadi Is Using Modern Technology for Modern Healthcare

Modern medicine has brought quite a bit of good into people’s lives. Various advances in medical science have given hope to people who’d all but given up. However, one large issue with modern medicine is just how complex it can be. Many people suffering from treatable conditions aren’t even aware that help is available. A new voice has risen up in the public to help people make sense of the complicated world of medicine.

Dr. David Samadi is well known among medical practitioners. His innovative techniques as head of the robotic surgery division has saved countless lives. It’s an even more impressive fact when one considers that he’s also overseeing the urology department. Between the two he’s been able to demonstrate mastery of both standard and cutting edge techniques. Of particular note is his success in using minimally invasive techniques to treat prostate cancer.

It’s clear that Dr. David Samadi has a background which is quite in line with cutting edge medical treatments. And this is why his leap into the world of TV is so exciting. His new show, Sunday Housecall, was created to help educate the public about their various health concerns. It’s a difficult prospect given the amazing complexity of medicine and how fast it can move these days.

But that’s also why Dr. David Samadi’s involvement is so important. It’s one thing to have a medical professional host a show. It’s another thing entirely to have someone of his stature doing so. The medical hierarchy obviously involves skill. But rising up through the ranks also necessitates a personal touch. The best of the best are able to do great work while also easing the fears of patients and families alike. It’s this ability to communicate the nature of medical science without overwhelming an audience that makes his involvement such a boon, and

The focus on public education is continually made clear during the show. Viewers can even call or email in during the show to have questions answered in real time. Sometimes this will involve a direct question and answer session with Dr. David Samadi himself. Other times he’ll bring in guests who specialize in different areas of medicine. This structure ensures that any information provided to the audience will always reflect the current medical consensus for any given specialty, and David Samadi’s lacrosse camp.

The show is an obvious match with Samadi’s overall philosophy. His professional life has centered around helping patients and the community as a whole. When he first created a website he realized just how much new technologies could aid in public education. An actual show is the perfect way to further leverage important new technologies to help people.