Whitney Wolfe Ushers In Feminist App As She Takes Stand Against Harassment

Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the movers and shakers of the dating app development industry. She has proven herself to be a trailblazer when it comes to dating apps, and women of the #me-too movement are looking at the empowerment factor that Whitney Wolfe Herd has. She has launched Bumble, a dating app, as a feminist app because women make the first move. She is proving herself to be a powerful business woman as well, and in the midst of all of this she finds herself the target of a lawsuit. Whitney Wolfe appears to be handling this with finesse because she knows exactly what she is capable of and she is not threatened by what she calls bullies of the dating app development industry. The Match Group is the parent company for Tinder, and this is where the lawsuit has come from. There have been statements that Whitney…

Bank Leader

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises Straight To The Top Of Brazilian Finance

Over the last few decades, it has become increasingly uncommon to hear of success stories where the protagonist was able to transcend class restrictions, rising to the very heights of social rank and wealth. But the story of Bradesco CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one such example. After graduating from high school in 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco struck out, searching for a means of employement, which would hopefully provide him with enough money to be able to put himself through college. Trabuco had no job experience but was intent on being one of the first people in his family to attend college and make something of himself. He saw a help wanted sign on the branch of a small local bank in the small town of Marilia, Sao Paulo, where he had grown up. When he went in for an interview, he was surprised to be hired on the spot….


Doe Deere & Lime Crime: The Best One-Two Punch in Makeup

When it comes to makeup, the market is literally flooded with brands. Just walk down the makeup isle of your favorite store. Did you ever notice how long that isle truly is? In some ways it’s great, but not so much in other ways. The market is flooded with thousands of products from the hundreds of brands. Trying to find the perfect cosmetic product can be similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there’s Lime Crime, and this company provides the best cosmetics in current time. Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime has dramatically grown over the past decade, but this hasn’t happened by chance.   Doe Deere is a former fashion student who attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Better known as (FIT), this institute taught her a lot in the art of fashion. Deere has always stated that “fashion and makeup goes hand-to-hand.” This…