Article Title: Igor Cornelsen is Making a Financial Difference For Many

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Igor Cornelsen is graduate from the Federal University of Parama. His passion for financial matters led him to switch from an Engineering course to Economics. Igor Cornelsen is an investor and an investment banker who hails from Curitiba in Brazil. He currently works with Bainbridge investments as an investment advisor. His long experience and knowledge help him offer advisory services on matters about finances. Igor Cornelsen mainly focuses on Brazilian markets while designing long term investments and investing in the stock markets.

He spends most of his time studying and analyzing the trends in the Brazilian markets. This helps Igor Cornelsen to forecast on future occurrences in the market. These accurate predictions aid in making smart investment decisions. He also advises entrepreneurs to do thorough research to avoid making investments based on emotions. Igor Cornelsen draws his inspiration from helping other people succeed in their ventures. This gives him a significant amount of satisfaction.

Igor Cornelsen has had the privilege of working in many investment firms. In 1970, he joined a local investment bank after graduating from the university. Igor Cornelsen had exceptional skills in calculating interests’ rates. This gave him an upper hand in his career advancement during an era that computers and calculators were not very popular.

He was later promoted to join the Board of Directors. This experience at the local investment bank gave Igor him laid a solid foundation for his success in the investment industry. Igor Cornelsen also worked with Multibanco where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. Since then, Igor Cornelsen has worked with Libra Bank PLC and Standard Chartered. His curiosity fueled by his passion helps him seek to explore new opportunities in the industry. Igor Cornelsen has also contributed significantly to the Brazilian economy by guiding the investors in establishing successful investments.

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